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LFW: Susan Fang debuts kidswear for AW23

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Susan Fang AW23, backstage

One of China’s hottest emerging designers is Susan Fang, who impresses with her innovative approach to knitwear and joyful approach to design, and this season she introduced kidswear to her offering during her showcase at London Fashion Week.

For autumn/winter 2023, Fang's starting point was looking into redesigning classic pyjamas into "sleek and elegant" loungewear pieces that can be worn for comfort and style. The result is a blurring of the lines between bedwear and everyday clothing, with detailed necklines, drapery shoulders and lacey borders on the tops.

Fang also custom-made lace with smiley face and clover flower motifs "as blessings to the wearer," explains the brand in the show notes.

Image: Susan Fang AW23

For AW23, Fang has also continued to push sustainable creativity by incorporating fabric scraps from previous seasons and turning them into yarn and then, along with ribbons and wool, weaving the strips together. Fang then embellished her weaving methods of fabric with crystal clear beads to create various silhouettes for her frothy creations.

"This is a labour of love," added Fang. "Sometimes taking up to two weeks just to complete a single piece". Fang is also using 3D printing to create accessories to minimise waste, "as the only material needed to print is the material in the accessories themselves". Highlights include transparent trumpet flowers on the heels of some high-heel shoes and herringbone slippers. The square-toe slippers are also made of biodegradable TPU material. These accessories act as an extension to her statement floral resin bags last season.

Image: Susan Fang AW23

This collection also included the designer's first-ever kidswear collection, featuring ‘mini-me’ looks including delicate pastel-hued dresses, printed quilted jackets, and tiered skirts.

As with all Fang's collections, innovation was at the forefront and this season she included water mist wings on one of her looks, as well as a full dress with a rose-scented aroma to add to the rose petals decorating the catwalk.

Image: Susan Fang AW23
Image: Susan Fang AW23
Image: Susan Fang AW23
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