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&Other Stories launches recycling programme

By May-Anne Oltmans


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Following the example of its parent company H&M, sister chain &Other Stories has launched a recycling programme.

In a press release the company states that, since their establishment in 2013, they have always encouraged customers to recycle the empty packaging of their cosmetics. Recently, &Other Stories has expanded this programme to include textiles. Customers are now able to return any type of unwanted textiles to &Other Stories in exchange for a 10 percent discount on their next purchase.

“Any item, no matter its state or age, is a valuable source of raw material. By returning items to our store, customers can extend the lifespan of their clothing and help reduce the amount of textile that is wasted,” said Samuel Fernström, managing director of the Swedish chain.

For their new recycling programme &Other Stories has partnered with I:Co, which is part of the German Soex Group. I:Co also recycles textile for companies such as H&M and Forever 21.

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