Linda Bennett, the founder of British shoe and fashion retailer, only recently announced her interest in selling part of her business so that she might concentrate on the creative aspects and there is already a bidding war for her company. Luc Vandevelde, ex-chairman of Marks & Spencer and Jimmy […]

Oliviero Toscani, the photogapher who famously photographed in-mates for a Benetton ad, will be showing his photo's of death row inmates in a new exhibition. The exhibition, entitled We, On Death Row, is to be based at the Boiler House in Brick Lane, east London, and features 26 images measuring an […]

Sephora, the perfume chain owned by LVMH, is closing down in the UK. Property sources say that the chain's 10 shops have been put on the market. It is believed that the French luxury group has been trying to sell the chain as a going concern, but the stores are now likely to be sold piecemeal.

The original Rodnik shop was founded by the Russian Princess Maria Tenesheva in 1904. The name was derived from the Russian word "the source" and the shop employed folk 'Kustar' craftsmen in an effort to maintain the essence of Russian fashion and culture. Together with the artist Sergei Maliutin, the […]

Whether in Louis Vuitton at the MTV awards, as Jean Harlow for her film debut, or sporting her own diffusion fashion line, LAMB, Gwen Stefani cemented her relationship with old-school glamour and secured her role as the year's fashion muse. Nick Knight's cover photography for her stellar solo album […]

You may be forgiven for having thought that all things associated with Chavs - the tribe best described as the branded-sportswear-loving, cheap-gold-jewellery-wearing-mega-shoppers are quickly running out of fashion - but think again. Although chavs may disregard all the rules of taste and class, they […]

Interior decorating firm Innovative Creations said it will restore and enhance the mansion once owned by Gianni Versace and now used as an ultra-private club and spa. The Fort Lauderdale company, Casa Casuarina, has been asked to keep the elegant feel and artistic flavour of the 1930s-era home. The […]

Analysts are forecasting a Christmas sales boom in the High Street despite the latest downbeat retail figures. Improving consumer confidence and a 4.8 per cent rise in incomes in the past year are the key factors, say City economists.

Jonathan Faith, owner of the women's footwear chain that bears his name, has landed a £45m windfall after agreeing to sell the business to the private-equity firm Bridgepoint. The £64m takeover will give Bridgepoint an estimated 70 per cent stake in the business. Faith, son of the chain's […]

Adidas's new intelligent running shoe has a moter that adjusts the heel's cushioning. Called the Adidas 1, the shoes features a sensor below the heel and a magnet under the midsole. The sensor gauges movement of the magnet (and therefore the compression of the shoe) 1,000 times a second. A microchip […]

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