Belgian designer Raf Simons is planning a new footwear line called (Runner). For a sneak peak, fans will have to wait for the designer’s upcoming show at Paris Fashion Week Men’s when first styles will be shown. As the name suggests, the new line is inspired by sportswear and debuts with eight styles that have sci-fi inspired names like Solaris, Antei, Cyclon, Orion und 2001.

“Raf Simons (Runner) is an investigation of form and function, as well as an exploration of shape. The line reimagines typical sports sneakers, as the name of each silhouette hints at the process behind them,” explained Simons according to Highsnobiety. The shoes, independently designed and manufactured by Simons, combine natural materials like leather and suede with technical innovations and strong colour schemes.

Fans who absolutely want to get their hands on a pair of the new sneakers should head to Paris between 18th and 23rd January 2020 when they will be available at the brand’s showroom. However, (Runner) is planned as a long-term project that will develop according to reception. But knowing Simons and the craze that some of his products have caused in the past, (Runner) should be another frontrunner.


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