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Tommy Hilfiger commits to 100 percent 3D apparel design

By Robyn Turk


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Tommy Hilfiger is implementing new strategies to digitize its end-to-end value chain. The brand is incorporating new learning and technology across all global design teams in its Amsterdam headquarters to work towards a goal of achieving 100 percent 3D apparel design by its Spring 2022 collection.

The brand started working towards 3D design in 2017. Through a tech incubator called STITCH, Tommy Hilfiger will digitize design practices with technologies that include a digital fabric, pattern and color asset library, digital 3D presentation tools and rendering technology. This process will also allow for faster timeless and seamless integration into digital showrooms.

“The potential of 3D design is limitless, allowing us to meet consumer needs faster and in a more sustainable way,” Daniel Grieder, CEO of Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe, explained in a statement. “The technology has become a fundamental tool in our collection design and has the potential to significantly accelerate our speed to market and replace traditional product photography entirely."

The brand will launch a capsule collection in Fall 2020, which will be its first that is completely designed, developed and sold digitally.

Grieder continued, "For our Fall 2020 season, our men’s dress shirts will be 100% 3D designed and require no sample production; the difference will be almost indistinguishable from styles designed and presented historically. This is the future.”

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