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Viktor & Rolf and Zalando to launch capsule collection: RE:CYCLE

By Vivian Hendriksz

11 Jan 2018


London - Dutch design duo Viktor & Rolf are set to launch their debut conscious collection for German etailer Zalando next month. Entitled 'Viktor & Rolf for Zalando RE:CYCLE', the new launch sees the designers applying their couture design ideology to create a collection made from recycled garments for a wider audience.

Launching February 1, the limited edition collection was crafted from excess stock from Zalando. The designers took returned apparel items which could no longer be sold and used them to create a new, womenswear collection. The collection includes 17 pieces, such as tops, skirts, and jeans, with prices ranging from 50 euros to 250 euros. The price-point for the range was set towards the lower end of the market to ensure Zalando and Viktor & Rolf are able to offer sustainable, haute couture fashion to a wider audience, no matter their budget.

Zalando to launch sustainable, designer collaborative collection with Viktor & Rolf

"For us, haute couture has always been a laboratory for experimentation," said Viktor & Rolf in a statement. "With our upcoming collaboration with Zalando, we are excited to bring forth this spirit of sustainable fashion in a bold and accessible way by breathing new life into forgotten garments." The conscious design collaboration was first announced last year, during Viktor & Rolf's haute couture show at the consumer-driven trade fair Bread & Butter by Zalando.

"By teaming up with Viktor & Rolf we are offering our consumers a conscious style," added Jolanda Smit, Director of Group Brand Relations Marketing at Zalando. "It is incredible to see how Viktor & Rolf transform old garments into something new and beautiful. It prolongs the life cycle of fashion. Their creations go beyond haute couture to reimagine fashion for the good of all."

The conscious design collaboration highlights Zalando's growing commitment to sustainability. "We follow opportunities to reimagine fashion for the good of all, and want to engage employees, customers and partners in finding more sustainable ways to produce and consume fashion," said Zalando in a statement. The online giant aims to further reduce its environmental footprint and recently partnered with Fashion for Good to help advance sustainable innovation within the fashion industry.

Photos: @Marijke Aerden