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Gucci introduces AR technology for its Ace sneakers

By Simone Preuss


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Italian fashion house Gucci has joined a growing number of fashion brands and retailers that use Augmented Reality (AR) to help potential customers when making their purchasing decisions. Last week, Gucci and technology partner Wannaby added an AR feature to the Gucci App to allow customers to try on the popular Ace sneaker.

“The technology will allow Gucci to present the newest models to its fans, provide an engaging experience and an opportunity to interact with upcoming shoe collections that are only scheduled for release,” announced the fashion house in a press release published on Wednesday.

The Ace sneaker allows customers to express their own individuality through various ever-changing decorations. Using Wannaby's latest Try-on technology (currently available only on iOS), they can see what different models of the Ace sneaker look like when worn: All they have to do is select the model of their choice via the app, point their mobile device’s camera at their feet and ‘try on’ the selected pair of shoes virtually.

Customers can of course take pictures of themselves with their favourite Ace models and share them on social media platforms. There are also special stickers and wallpapers on the Gucci App to support the project and to let users customise their devices.

Photo: Gucci

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