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Harrods partners up with Farfetch on new e-commerce platform

By Marjorie van Elven

26 Feb 2019

Harrods and Farfetch are working together on a global e-commerce platform for the centenary London department store. Farfetch subsidiary Farfetch Black & White Solutions will provide Harrods with e-commerce management, operations support, international logistics support, and technical support, allowing the company to focus on the “creative” parts of the business, such as marketing, brand relationship, product strategy, editorial content, and customer service. The revamped website will be operational from 2020.

“Our shared objective with Farfetch Black & White Solutions is to ensure that Harrods digital customers receive the same exemplary service as those who visit us in-store”, said Harrods’ Managing Director Michael Ward in a statement. “Farfetch has a global customer base, fantastic product offering, and exceptional services such as it loyalty programme. We will leverage all of our experience in managing technical and logistical complexity for luxury brand partners to deliver everything required to achieve the best digital luxury experience for Harrods’ customers”, added Kelly Kowal, Managing Director of Farfetch Black & White Solutions.

Founded in 2007, Farfetch is best known for the online luxury marketplace of the same name, now present in 190 countries and selling items from over 1,000 brands. But the company also operates a number of subsidiaries, including Farfetch Black & White Solutions, which offers white-label e-commerce services for brands and retailers; Store of the Future, a data-powered operating system for retailers; Browns, a multi-brand womenswear boutique; and Stadium Goods, a streetwear marketplace acquired in December.

One of London’s most iconic addresses, Harrods started as a wholesale grocer and tea mercher in 1834. Since then, it has grown to become one of the world’s largest luxury department stores.