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H&M Group joins Tent to support refugees internationally

By Robyn Turk

17 Dec 2019

The H&M Group has announced a new partnership, though this one is completely unrelated to fashion design or production. Instead, the retail company is focusing its efforts on helping those in need.

As part of its goal of becoming 100 percent fair and equal, the Swedish company has joined Tent Partnership for Refugees, a global private sector network committed to improving the lives and livelihoods of refugees.

"At H&M Group we believe that with our size and scale we have the possibility, and the responsibility to drive positive change," the company stated in a blog post.

H&M explained that its focus on supporting refugees uses a proactive, inclusive approach towards integrating and increasing the number of refugees hired in its supply chain. For an example, the company said that it involves its suppliers in Turkey with regufees and partners with local organizations to provide support to refugees.

“Our partnership with Tent will further build our knowledge on how the private sector can work to support refugees. We have also entered a partnership with The International Organisation on Migration, which is essential for our work to ensure fair working conditions for migrant workers in our supply chain," said David Sävman, head of production for the H&M Group.

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