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New Look launches range of vegan shoes and bags

By Huw Hughes


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New Look has launched a range of around 500 shoes, bags and accessories, and has become the first high street retailer to register products with The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark.

Registered educational charity The Vegan Society’s said its team has ensured that New Look’s registered products are free of animal derived components, including any that might be found in fabrics, threads, glues, dyes and treatments.

Additionally, they have ensured that the manufacturing process for the products and their materials are free of animal testing. New Look has also reportedly committed to registering as many of their non-leather goods as possible by changing components and reducing their reliance on animal-derived ingredients.

The fashion retailer will also be introducing new vegan labelling online and in stores from September.

“It’s a hugely positive step for New Look and sets a precedent within the wider fashion industry,” The Vegan Society said in a statement on its website. “At a time when customers are increasingly aware of how their clothes are made and what goes into them, it’s possible to achieve transparency in the supply chain and source alternatives to animal-derived ingredients, while keeping them affordable.”

On its website, New Look highlighted some of the steps it has taken to remove animal products and testing from its vegan range. The British fashion retailer said it has started using adhesives free of liquids and bonding materials that have animal traces or produce. Similarly, it has stopped using animal products in the finishing processes of PU leather and metal used to make zips, poppers and other hardware.

Photo courtesy of The Vegan Society

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