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Over 75 percent of plus size women ‘hate’ shopping on high street

By Huw Hughes


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Over 75 percent of plus size women in the UK ‘hate’ shopping on the high street and only one in 10 enjoy shopping in retail stores, new research reveals.

A poll, conducted by size-inclusive British hosiery brand Snag, found that due to a lack of size inclusivity in stores, over two thirds (67 percent) of women are being deterred from shopping on the high street, while over half (60 percent) find high street changing rooms unwelcoming and a worrying 75 percent say they have been driven to tears when shopping.

Nine in 10 respondents said shopping online offers them more choice, admitting that shopping in stores leaves them feeling excluded when their size is often unavailable. Eighty-five percent of respondents said size-inclusive ranges would encourage them to buy more clothes.

Snag polled 1,150 UK women size 16+ for its research. With over 17 million working aged women in the UK, the demographic currently accounts for over 60 percent of fashion retail consumers.

High street brands inconsistent with size inclusivity

The poll also asked women to rate UK fashion retailers on their size inclusivity, with ASOS, Asda, Very and Sainsbury’s coming out on top, while on the other side of the scale, popular high street retailers like Primark, Gap, French Connection, Topshop and Zara were the least comprehensive with their sizing.

Commenting on the findings in a statement, chief brand officer at Snag, Rachel Watson, said: “The results from the survey are upsetting, but unfortunately, not surprising. It’s true that size-inclusive collections are appearing with more and more retailers, mostly online, but plus-size only brands or collections are part of the problem.

”Retailers should be expanding their collections to accommodate for sizes 16+ across the board. The fashion industry has a long way to go to become truly inclusive, diverse and accepting of all body shapes and sizes.”

Snag is a size-inclusive and body-positive hosiery brand that offers tights in several different widths, heights and sizes, ranging from 6 to 36. Founder Brie Read conceptualised the brand after she was inspired by her own struggles to find hosiery to fit her shape.

In its first year of trading, the company achieved a turnover of 2.3 million pounds and sold 300,000 pairs of tights.

Photo courtesy of the brand

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