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Primark launches first ever menopause collection

By Simone Preuss


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Image: Primark menopause collection / Primark

Ageing is not something that is generally celebrated, especially if it goes along with hot flashes, chills, night sweats, sleep problems and mood changes. In fact, many brands and marketers avoid the m-word or menopause, as if a woman magically goes through this period of transformation and comes out stronger on the other side after shutting herself in - not unlike Gandalf the White after fighting the Balrog in Lord of the Rings.

Thus, it is refreshing to see when brands come forward and support this phase in a woman’s life. Given that currently only five species of mammals live beyond menopause (Beluga whales, narwhals, killer whales and short-finned pilot whales apart from humans), there is reason to celebrate indeed.

Image: Primark menopause collection / Primark

Irish clothing retailer Primark is putting the spotlight on menopausal women, supporting them with the first ever menopause collection. What special clothes menopausal women would require, one might ask. Those with anti-flush technology, cooling yarn, odour control and temperature control designed to relieve symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats and chills.

“We are aware of the many different challenges that menopause can present to women. As part of our overall ambition to support women through all of their life stages, and tackle everyday taboos, we recognised that specialist products weren’t accessible or affordable to everyone and we wanted to change this,” explains Primark’s trading director Ann-Marie Cregan in a press release.

“This range has been two years in development and testing to ensure we created innovative and novel products designed specifically to relieve one of the most frequent symptoms associated with menopause, hot flushes. We’re very proud to offer customers a range that really works at prices that as many as possible can afford and we hope it will help women to look good and feel good everyday,” adds Cregan.

Image: Primark menopause collection / Primark

The collection consists of 14 pieces of affordable basics such as pyjamas and nightdresses, shaping leggings and anti-chafe shorts, high-waisted briefs, mini briefs and supportive but non-wired bralettes. It is part of the Primark Cares label and is made using recycled nylon and recycled polyester.

How does the technology work? “Using a complex mix of yarns, the fabric absorbs heat from the surface of the skin during hot flushes, then releases warmth during the chill that follows. Simultaneously, the innovative material wicks away excess moisture, controls odour and has an anti-bacterial coating, leaving the wearer feeling fresh during the day or helping aid a more comfortable night’s sleep,” explains Primark.  

Image: Primark menopause collection / Primark

The new collection is supported by social media and in-store marketing that provides more information on the topic of menopause. It is refreshing to see that Primark opted for a body-positive campaign with women that are or could be in menopause.  

Primark’s menopause collection is available now in 93 select stores worldwide and online. Prices range from 7 to 12 British pounds (8 to 14 euros / 9 to 16 US dollars).

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