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Reformation launches sustainable denim sister label Reformation Jeans

By Vivian Hendriksz



London - Cult label Reformation is set to conquer even more of the fashion market with the launch of its new sustainable denim line, Reformation Jeans. The new sister label builds on Reformation debut denim range, which launched earlier this year and focuses on core denim items, tops and dresses which are both sustainable as well as affordable.

The launch of the denim label comes after years of testing and innovating, as even though sustainability has always been a core value of Reformation's brand, the new label aims to offer high-quality pieces which are more accessible to all. "My biggest dream is to bring sustainable fashion to everyone," said Yael Aflalo, founder of Reformation in a statement. "This year, we decided to tackle the worst polluting type of clothing that we buy all the time — denim. We also wanted to create more affordable prices to reach more people. So, we mashed it together and voilà."

Reformation unveils new sister label - Reformation Jeans

Reformation's first collection is set to launch on October 23 and offers 46 items such as the Brooke Hight Straight Jeans, Roper Jeans and Fawcett Jeans. In total, Reformation Jeans will offer 11 denim styles in a total of 14 washes, 10 tops and four dresses. Prices for the label are set to range between 28 US dollars and 148 US dollars, which is more accessible than Reformation, where items tend to run between 60 US dollars and 300 US dollars.

All of the items featured in Reformation Jeans debut collection are made from 100 percent recycled materials, leftover fabrics from mills or garment factories or sustainably source materials. In addition, the denim jeans in the collection are made using specialised production techniques, which sees Reformation saving approximately 1,468 gallons of water for each pair of jeans.

"450 million pairs of jeans are sold in the United States each year," added Aflalo. "To make denim fabric for a single pair, a crazy amount of water is needed — 1,500 gallons, on average and we’re working on making them even better." With the launch of Reformation Jeans, the brand is also introducing a new initiative under the name The Wet Program. For every pair of jeans purchased, Reformation, together with BEF and the National Forest Foundation, will clean an additional thousand gallons of water in California, starting with the San Gabriel River.

Although the collection is not set to officially launch until October 23, shoppers can join the waitlist for Reformation Jeans now. Reformation is an Los Angeles based fashion label, best known for its sustainable designs crafted from deadstock fabrics. Reformation counts stores in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas and New York City as well as an international online store.

Photos: Reformation Jeans, Facebook

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