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Swiss brand Qwstion launches first fully vegan product range

By Huw Hughes


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Zurich-based sustainable fashion brand Qwstion has launched its first fully vegan product range: The Vegan Driftwood Edition.

The Swiss backpack specialist has redesigned four of its most popular styles to create the range, including the Office Pack, the Day Pack, the Small Tote and the Halfday Tote. Each style in the Vegan Driftwood Edition is made from high-density organic cotton canvas, a “sturdy and supple material” which doubles as the basis of newly-developed handles and straps which replace leather.

The brand is also the brains behind Bananatex, an innovative fabric made from 100 percent natural banana fibres.

“Since day one, our goal has been to align the functionality of our products with the highest possible sustainability - both in manufacturing and the materials they’re made of. Respect for nature and humans alike is a cornerstone of our creative and production processes. Now, we’re taking that commitment one more step forward,” the brand said in a statement.

“Where we all agree within our team, is that avoiding plastic should remain our top priority. But as we embark on the next phase in our ever-evolving sustainability mission, we want to keep improving, questioning our current solutions and exploring ways to create products that are at once sustainable, functional and vegan.”

The Vegan Driftwood Edition is being sold at Qwstion flagship stores in Zurich, Vienna, Copenhagen and Lausanne, as well as on the brand’s website and at retail partners worldwide.

Photos courtesy of the brand

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