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Top Fashion Influencer: Noorie Ana

By FashionUnited PR


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Credit: Courtesy of Noorie Ana

Noorie Ana is a London based digital creator and fashion influencer that inspires a community of over 121 thousand followers on Instagram and 36.6 thousand on TikTok. As a fashion lover, her social media presence is all about her sophisticated style. Sharing fashion and lifestyle tips with her followers, Noorie brings to life her adventures as a London girl who often finds herself in different places.

Her style radiates feminine elegance, a strong sense of confidence that reflects her personality in her everyday look. Her fits vary according to the occasion, yet always keeping them chic and neat. Noorie has a very classy fashion sense, which effortlessly gives a luxurious appearance. We see lots of black and white combos, which are key to this elegant style, complemented with designer bags, heeled sandals, stilettos and sometimes big shiny jewellery that give the final touch. In her outfits we often find unusual pieces, items with cut-outs, asymmetrical silhouettes or special details, that make her outfits very unique and attractive. Lately we find a lot of night-out looks on her feed, with dresses of different designs, either short or full-length, that radiate a delicate and graceful vibe. Noorie also has a YouTube channel with more than 120,000 subscribers, where she shares her outfit lookbook for each season.

So if you want to freshen up your style with elegance and have no idea where to start, Noorie has the perfect content to inspire you.

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