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The Dutch e-llis supply chain solutions solves challenges for British Online Retailers and makes them more profitable

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Controle Tower, courtesy of e-llis supply chain solutions

A growing number of British online retailers are seeking to ease the extra customs and tax administration and costs involved in trading with the EU by shifting stock from UK warehouses to storage facilities in Europe. The Netherlands is proving an attractive location and with Rotterdam being Europe’s largest port and Schiphol airport in Amsterdam now one of the world’s major air freight hubs, it’s obvious that the country has a lot to commend it to the logistics community.

To help online retailers and other exporters overcome the tax and customs issues and port delays, the Dutch Company;  e-llis supply chain solutions is supporting British online retailers to gain more efficiency and profitability by offering the best supply chain solutions in class. e-llis is an independent and non-asset international Control Tower organization with offices in Asia, South Africa and Europe.

Picture, courtesy of e-llis supply chain solutions

e-llis does not own any warehouses or trucks, but they have a worldwide network of the best logistic- and warehouse service providers. So, through intense collaboration, the best partners to perform logistic activities with, are selected. They negotiate the contracts on your behalf, manage the network of partners and manage your orders and events. Letting you have a single point of contact and end -to-end transparency.

e-llis’ Consultancy Unit is a combination of human expertise with state-of-the art technology

e-llis offers, via its Consultancy Unit, a topnotch Digital Twin Formula, where Brands can easily and without any risk:

• Run detailed analyses and cross-sections, across the end-2-end supply chain, or parts thereof;

• Experiment with new ideas and run pre-identified scenarios;

• Optimize the end-2-end supply chain, given on a set of variables, requirements and constraints;

• Identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve service, improve cash flow;

• Continuously improve manufacturing, logistics and the supply chain

Our greatest sense of satisfaction comes from our customers’ success, as they decide to implement our proposed solutions and reap the benefits of their optimized supply chain activities.

– Ralph Fijen, Manager Consultancy & Solutions

e-llis’Control Tower is a proven solution to an optimized supply chain

e-llis also has an advanced manned Control Tower unit where the ideal supply chain solution is implemented, monitored, optimized and where a specialized team guides you further to sustainable advantages, speed-to-market,  the right visibility and is capable to optimize your supply chain continuously. Best of both worlds!

Our belief is that there is no 'one-size fits all solution' for implementing a Control Tower.

– Dorus van der Linden, Manager Control Tower

World famous brands like Luxottica, Alpargatas (Havaianas) Stanley Black & Decker, Barry Callebaut, Electrolux, PepCo and UK Fashion Streetwear Retailer SikSilk have already chosen to partner with e-llis with great success.

SikSilk Dean

SikSilk’s Head of Global Logistics, Dean Jackson, says:

“Working with e-llis has massively transformed the way we operate. Like many retail brands, Brexit hit us with some massive challenges. As a UK based company shipping globally to over 100 countries, we experienced huge costs and numerous delays.

Through partnering with e-llis who supported our move to the Netherlands, fulfilment partner selection and transport partners selection, we’ve solved many of our immediate challenges.

The collaboration is setting us up for the future. SikSilk is continuing to build its global consumer base. Next on the agenda is how we better service our large following in South America, a continent that truly resonates with the brand. e-llis is providing network analysis and insight in to the challenges around duties and taxes to assist our choice of location and partner.

We have some landmark product launches this year as we approach our 10 th anniversary as a brand, such as the launch of our Messi Season 2 collaboration, as well as our brand-new Sport and Performance wear categories. We’re confident with e-llis and our fulfilment partners that we can continue getting these exciting products to our customers in the most efficient way.”


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