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Digital Product Passport - DPP in Fashion

What is the Digital Product Passport? Officially titled the Digital Product Passport (DPP), the tool will require brands to collect and share data from a product’s entire lifecycle accessible in the form of a 'digital twin'. While the concept and operational aspects of the DPP continues to evolve, in its initial format it will highlight the sustainability, environmental and recyclability attributes of a product, as well as its manufacturing process and sourcing. What is the impact of this DPP on the fashion industry? Read all the latest news and updates here.


Over 62.5 billion global Digital Product Passports expected to be created by 2030

The imminent introduction of Digital Product Passports (DPPs) has been long awaited, with the European Union (EU) one of the central drivers behind the concept, striving for the mission of establishing a comprehensive product data platform. While DPPs are being planned for almost all consumer sectors, apparel has particularly been gaining...