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FashionUnited's need-to-know topics today: Fashion repair and resale

By FashionUnited



Image: Reflaunt

FashionUnited has been following fashion resale and repair since the beginning and shares updates, how-tos, interviews and more with it's readers. Scroll further to find FashionUnited's depth coverage of fashion repair and resale.

Image: Volha Flaxeco, Unsplash


Circle Economy to launch guide on how brands can start rental, resale businesses

Impact-driven organisation Circle Economy is launching a free, online, step-by-step guide teaching apparel brands how to launch a rental or resale business in under a year.

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“Resell as a service”: Felix Winckler on the rise of Reflaunt and how it plans to change the industry

The second-hand market has seen a significant increase, growing 20 times faster than traditional retail according to resale management firm Reflaunt. The tech company aims to make the reselling process easier on both a consumer and brand front, offering its expertise in the development of digital resale programs for retailers.

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Meet the founders of Galaxy: the first livestream fashion resale marketplace

FashionUnited talked to Danny Quick and Nathan McCartney, two of the founders that have previously worked for Parkwood Entertainment and Roc Nation. They share the ideas behind Galaxy, the future of the platform and what’s next for the industry.

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Handbags by independent designer beat Dior and Louis Vuitton at resale

New York based designer Brandon Blackwood launched his business in 2015 but rose to prominence in 2020 when he created a mini-tote with the words End Systemic Racism in support of Black Lives Matter. He donated a portion of the proceeds to fund legal representation for minorities and at the same time became one of the most desirable brands.

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10 figures that illustrate the 2021 resale fashion market

Brands and retailers alike have embraced the resale market, from fast fashion labels launching their own platforms to luxury houses setting their goals toward a more conscious future. Their common point? Using resale initiatives to boost their sustainability credentials - H&M being the latest to do so with a marketplace launching 7 September in Canada as reported by Bof. FashionUnited has gathered the 10 key figures you need to understand the current state of the resale fashion market.

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Resale growth during Covid-19: sellers engage in ‘quarantine clean out frenzies’

It’s no mystery that the fashion industry has been hugely impacted by the Covid-19 crisis. Fashion companies saw their sales plummeting as stores closed, fashion events were cancelled or postponed and consumer shopping behavior changed drastically.

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Building the business case for circular business models. Part 1: Resale

The potential of circular business models continues to grow in the apparel market—more and more rental and resale experiments and pilots are being launched and market growth is outpacing traditional retail. Nevertheless, for brands looking to design and launch a circular business model, there are many real and perceived barriers associated with their adoption. One such barrier is the lack of clear evidence of the financial viability: the business case.

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(Re)defining sustainability: Repair, Recycle, Reuse and Reduce

Once seen as a niche part of the fashion industry, being eco-conscious has rapidly become one of the hottest 'topics' of our time. From luxury fashion houses to fast-fashion retailers, and everything in between - more and more fashion companies are responding to mounting consumer interest and 'going green.'

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Fashion fit for the future: The skills needed to drive clothing's circular transition

Countries around the world are racing to make plans to curb climate breakdown by 2050—with some spotlighting the circular economy as a means to this end. Let’s imagine a scenario thirty years in the future where circularity, supported by government regulations, has transformed the clothing industry: reuse and repair have come to the fore as key strategies for rerouting textiles away from landfills and back into active use.

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Whering app expands into care, repair, and donation

Whering, better known as the ‘Clueless’ wardrobe app, has launched a new Caring Partners feature to help prolong the lifecycle of clothes by allowing users to browse a range of care, repair and donation services.

The app, which lets users digitise their wardrobe and create a virtual closet, has had more than 30,000 downloads to date, and the Care Partners expansion will allow users to find services to care for their wardrobe.

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Two UK charities host Repair Cafe to incite sustainable buying habits

The two UK based charities are hosting the event with a group of skilled volunteers who will be on hand to repair items brought to the occasion. Visitors are encouraged to stick around and have a cup of tea while their items are being repaired as part of the charities' additional goal of building a community around the event.

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Taylor Stitch teams up with Atelier and Repairs on upcycled collection

San Francisco-based men’s apparel brand Taylor Stitch is reimagining its excess inventory in partnership with Atelier and Repairs.

The ‘Reenvisioned Essentials’ collaboration will see the brand upcycling surplus stock on two of its essential styles, its Jack oxford shirt in white and blue and cotton chinos in khaki, navy and olive.

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