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Top 10 female runway models 2024

By Jayne Mountford


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Top Runway Models 2024 Credits: Top Runway Models 2024/Launchmetrics Spotlight

According to Tagwalk's ‘2023 In Numbers’ report, this year saw 1,014 major fashion shows with 40,484 looks. These numbers bring the importance of the men and women who walk the runways into sharp focus. As stated by models.com, “The runway is the true domain of models - magazine covers and campaigns may be overrun with celebrities, but models will always dominate the catwalks.”

Aside from the ‘new Supers,’ like Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, there are hard-working young women whose participation is considered to be essential to the success of a show. Designers repeatedly clamor for certain models. Below are the ten, in ascending order, who walked the most runways in 2023, and we expect to see again in 2024.

Increasingly important is a model’s following on social media. According to the Lefty x Karla Otto report for the ss24 season, the totaL EMV (Earned Media Value is the equivalent ad spend of impressions gained) was $829 million, with models contributing 5.4 percent of that number.

Agel Akol

Agel Akol in AZ Factory ss24 Credits: AZ Factory ss24/Launchmetrics Spotlight

Nationality: South Sudanese
Agency: ONE management
IG Handle: agellyva
IG Followers: 2K
2023 Shows Walked: 46

Karolina Spakowski

Karolina Spakowski in Givenchy ss24 Credits: Givenchy ss24/Launchmetrics Spotlight

Nationality: German
Agency: Elite Model Management
IG Handle: karoodoo
IG Followers: 8K
2023 Shows Walked: 48

Lulu Tenney

Lulu Tenney in Coperni ss24 Credits: Coperni ss24/Launchmetrics Spotlight

Nationality: American
Agency: Lumien Creative
IG Handle: lulutenney
IG Followers: 48K
SS 24 Shows Walked: 53

Diane Chiu

Diane Chiu in Ann Demeulemeester ss24 Credits: Ann Demeulemeester ss24/Launchmetrics Spotlight

Nationality: Canadian
Agency: Ford Models
IG Handle: dianechiuu
IG Followers: 6K
2023 Shows Walked: 54

Annemary Aderibigbe

Annemary Aderibigbe in Louis Vuitton ss24 Credits: Louis Vuitton ss24/Launchmetrics Spotlight

Nationality: Dutch
Agency: Premium Models
IG Handle: annemaryaderibigbe
IG Followers: 7K
2023 Shows Walked: 55

Akuol Deng Atem

Akuol Deng Atem in Alexander McQueen ss24 Credits: Alexander McQueen ss24/Launchmetrics Spotlight

Nationality: South Sudanese
Agency: Muse Management
IG Handle: akuoldengatem
IG Followers: 12K
2023 Shows Walked: 59

Alaato Jazyper

Alaato Jazyper in Hermes ss24 Credits: Hermes ss24/Launchmetrics Spotlight

Nationality: South Sudanese
Agency: Women Management
IG Handle: alaato_jazyper
IG Followers: 25K
2023 Shows Walked: 69

Victoria Fawole

Victoria Fawole in Sacai ss24 Credits: Sacai ss24/Launchmetrics Spotlight

Nationality: Nigerian
Agency: The Industry, New York
IG handle: victoriafawole_
IG Followers: 12K
2023 Shows Walked: 69

Yilan Hu

Yilan Hu in Chanel PreFall 24 Credits: Chanel PreFall 24/Launchmetrics Spotlight

Nationality: Chinese
Agency: New York Model Management
IG handle: yilan_hua
IG Followers: 106K
2023 Shows Walked: 72

América González

América González in Stella Mccartney ss24 Credits: Stella Mccartney ss24/Launchmetrics Spotlight

Nationality: Venezuelan
Agency: Supreme
IG handle: Saiyanbride
IG Followers: 37K
SS 24 Shows Walked: 74