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Burberry launches AR tool with Google

By Huw Hughes



Burberry has launched a new augmented reality (AR) shopping tool through Google Search that allows users to get a better idea of what an item looks like before purchasing it.

When searching for the Burberry Black TB bag or Arthur Check Sneaker through Google Search on a smartphone, shoppers will be able to see a digital image of the product at scale against other real-life objects. The tool is currently available in the UK and US, but a global roll-out with more products is planned over the coming months.

“The inspiration phase of the decision to purchase is becoming increasingly important for luxury consumers. Burberry is continuously experimenting with digital innovation such as AR to create a more exciting experience and enhance personalised luxury commerce, blending the technology with other activations around the world,” Burberry said in a statement.

The brand is among a growing number of fashion companies, including Gucci, Puma, Asos and Sneaker marketplace Goat to experiment with AR.

Burberry has been putting a particular focus on digital innovations lately. To celebrate the recent opening of the luxury British brand’s store in Ginza, Tokyo, shoppers had the opportunity to get involved in an exclusive AR experience activated through QR codes.

The brand also launched a digital pop-up experience in December powered by Google Lens in London where shoppers could see an aerial live feed of themselves on their phone, surrounded by a herd of Burberry deer.

It even jumped into the world of gaming with the release of its first online game ‘B-Bounce’ back in October.

Photo credit: Burberry

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